Is the distinction of rice and rice applicable what does the crowd have? _ cate the world

Is the distinction of rice and rice applicable what does the crowd have?

2016-09-23 16:07:30

The distinction of rice and rice, it and rice also are one of food that often eat daily euqally, actually rice tastes delicate not only, and rice also has rich nutrition.

The distinction of rice and rice

Rice is the common staple food in our country diet, the rice that uses the rice that make nevertheless has a lot of sort however, among them most those who suffer everybody to like is rice, but some of person does not know which are planted,rice just is rice, is the distinction that also does not know rice and rice in which? Below small make up everybody’s detailed introduction to fall.

Introduce according to nutrient expert, rice is a kind very nourishing food, will boil congee with rice, it is a particularly nourishing delicate congee is tasted, a lot of people want to understand what the distinction of rice and rice has, how do nutrition coming along to see an expert below say.

Rice is rice, rice cent is rice of rice and polished long-grained nonglutinous rice, polished glutinous rice is to use paddy of the Jing sex that be not glutinous to grind the rice that makes. Grain of rice is shown commonly elliptic or circle. Grain of rice is plump fleshy, cross section is bordering on a circle, long with wide than be less than 2, color candle is white, show transparent or translucent, character is strong and have tenacity, after boiling agglutinant and oily all big, soft and goluptious, but rate giving a meal is low. Rice basis the crown of the year, cent is milled early medium to short-grain nonglutinous rice and milled late medium to short-grain nonglutinous rice.

The color of milled early medium to short-grain nonglutinous rice is translucent, the abdomen is white bigger, horniness bead is less relatively, rice also is bad character. Nevertheless color of milled late medium to short-grain nonglutinous rice is white or of candle white, its abdomen is white small, horniness bead is much, character is best.

Rice basically originates in north of our country China, northeast and Su Na and other places. White rice of famous way station rice, Shanghai is admirable rice. Rice crop is far relatively polished long-grained nonglutinous rice is low. Polished glutinous rice also has the branch of Xian Jing. Form of Xian rice bead shows chief elliptic or long and thin body commonly, milky white is opaque, also have those who show translucence, agglutinant big, milled round-grain glutinous rice is commonly elliptic, ivory opaque, also have those who show translucence, agglutinant big, rice of Xian of rice qualitative excel.

Introduced to concern the distinction of rice and rice, the hope can help great master, rice is OK and daily edible, it is a kind of good thing that can help nourishing body, major person can have rice, it can help preserve one’s health delay year, most apply to those to bring about body weakling because of the disease, also apply to old person and puerpera.

Applicable crowd

Average crowd all but edible.

1, appropriate the person of all body empty, person of high fever, long heal at the beginning of disease, woman digestion of postpartum, old people, infant is abate person;

2, the diabetic is unfavorable feed more.


Duck flesh congee

Calcium is contained to cannot cross the world of cate of much edible _ only not only in dried small shrimps

Calcium is contained to cannot cross much edible only not only in dried small shrimps

2016-09-21 13:11:51

No matter be which age paragraph person, filling calcium is very important, absorb natural calcium to pledge from inside food not only safer, the absorptivity with qualitative calcium and utilization rate are very high also. Good filling calcium product besides milk, count dried small shrimps. Dried small shrimps is the food with a kind of rich nutrition, and the practice is diversiform, what can abound table greatly is delicate. But eat filling calcium of dried small shrimps to also want the cholesterol that special attention contains in dried small shrimps, cannot cross much edible.

Dried small shrimps can say is daily food contains calcic champion

Dried small shrimps is made with shrimp treatment, its contain calcic amount very considerable, calcic quantity is contained to be close to 1000 milligram in dried small shrimps of every 100 grams, it is daily people place almost see alimental contains calcium to measure champion, 247 milligram calcium is contained about in a dried small shrimps, this is equivalent to the quantity containing calcium in 250 milliliter milk almost. But volume of dried small shrimps is minor, do not occupy a stomach, increase cooking method diversity, take a small dried small shrimps, add bit of sesame oil chopped green onion, put some of laver again, rush with boiled water, become the Xian Shang with a bowl of lubricious admirable fragrance. Soup of turnip of shallot of leek of the bean curd of dried small shrimps in dish of the daily life of a family, dried small shrimps, dried small shrimps, dried small shrimps all be delicate cate, use packet of Hun blunt, not only delicacy is added on delicacy, watch of its nutrition price is tall. Because this can say, through eating the means of dried small shrimps to fill calcium comparing drinks milk filling calcium to appear more simple.

Did not waste turnip skin to have the world of these advantage _ cate unexpectedly again

Did not waste turnip skin to have these profit unexpectedly again

2016-04-08 14:36:19

Guide language: Turnip nutrition is rich, have value of very good edible, medical treatment. But, a lot of people eat a turnip, be used to a turnip skin ream, eat the meat inside the turnip only, that too regrettablly, the part with the actually qualitative flesh of nutrient overbalance turnip of turnip skin. Raise an analysis according to battalion, the vitamin C content of turnip skin is 2 times of fleshy qualitative part about; Calcic content 98% inside turnip skin. Is what nutrition value and effect turnip skin has was ignored by us?

1, digestive respect

Dyspepsia is abdominal distension, dyspeptic, gastric accept owes beautiful, can be born pound juice drinkable; disgusting vomiting, extensive spits acerbity water, chronic and dysenteric, all but constipation of; of pharynx of fine to nibble of mincing honey decoct, can boil feed ulcer of; oral cavity, can pound juice gargle. And, turnip skin contains plant fiber, water imbibition is strong, in alvine path volume expands easily, it is alvine path is medium ” plentiful material ” , can strengthen the peristalsis that bowel, thereby benefit midriff wide bowel, aperient.

Bloat tastily turnip skin

Conduce of 4 kinds of food alleviates the world of cate of chronic and fatigue _

Conduce of 4 kinds of food alleviates chronic fatigue

2016-02-18 16:51:26

Guide language: Work everyday very if the person of overworked rests bad that their body can appear very easily chronic fatigue, we should alleviate exhaustion is not just actually through resting just, still can alleviate through food fatigue. What food can be helped alleviate fatigue? Small make up everybody to recommend 4 kinds of conduce to alleviate fatigue food.


Asparagus flavour is delicious, taste relaxed and goluptious, can stomachic, help aid digestion, it is a kind of high-grade and rare green food. Often edible asparagus is right, hypertensive, fatigue disease, oedema, fat the curative effect with wait for disease to have certain.

Asparagus can alleviate exhaustion basically is the amine of day winter acyl that contains because of its. Modern medicine proves, amine of day winter acyl has a lot of special physiology effect to human body, can benefit pee, wait to have certain curative effect to heart disease, oedema, nephritis, gouty, kidney stone, have composed effect. Amine of day winter acyl and its salt kind, return the physical power that can enhance a person, eliminate exhaustion, conduce alleviates all over the symptom such as lack of listless, appetite.

Lollipop of asparagus chicken egg roll


Office worker fights exhaustion to take the world of bit of cate of what good _

It office worker fights exhaustion what to eat is good that office worker fights exhaustion what to eat

2015-05-09 00:27:43

Guide language: The white-collar had become an independent professional estate nowadays, the white-collar female of sedentary office often suffers from disease of humeral Zhou Yan, cervical vertebra easily to wait. Master 8 methods to be able to fight exhaustion easily.

1. food is crucial evenly

The food of the balance is diversification for certain, such ability can avoid hidebound the body that cause is frail. The following regulation needs to abide by: Every eat a fruit everyday the food that twice vegetable; edible contains electric starch, but do not want excessive; everyday flesh, fish or egg; still has the milk products with every essential eat finally.

Cent of candy of 2. proper complement and carbohydrate

Regard the basiccest nutrition as composition, candy cent and carbohydrate are the main source of physical ability. People is all of the organ move, especially cerebrum, need to spend candy cent. Everyday. The physical ability complement of 55% should rely on 50% ― candy cent.

Honey bun

Yoghurt drinks the world of cate of ability health _ so

Yoghurt drinks ability health so

2015-01-21 15:04:21

Guide language: Yoghurt is after pointing to bacili of vaccinal in bright grandma of disinfection lactic acid, the milk products that be fostered via fermenting and becomes, easily human body is digested absorb. Yoghurt saved all nutrition part of milk intactly not only, and still increased solubility calcium, phosphor to reach the good material such as vitamin of B a group of things with common features. Fermenting in the process, the lactic acid of lactose translate into of milk, agree with lactose is not able to bear or endure the crowd that get.

Abstain yoghurt

Suit the world of cate of sanitarian eat _ of middleaged male

Suit the sanitarian eat of middleaged male

2014-12-11 10:24:08

Guide language: The male has the turn of life not only, and all sorts of problem a bit that place of this one period is faced with are not as little as the female also. The male that dietetics home is about to enter for 50 years old or so only or already entered the turn of life is consecratory together ” more year eat ” .

Mussel is step-down reducing weight after good helper male enters the turn of life, the skin is adipose gradually grow in quantity, weight increases apparently. This eats more with middleaged male on one hand, move rarely very big concern, on the other hand likely airframe metabolism is caused mussily.

Proposal: The main effect of thyroid element adjusts namely metabolic, and iodine basically participates in thyroid element synthesis inside body. Accordingly, the male of the turn of life should absorb a few sea products that contain a lot ofiodine and not saturated fatty acid more, wait like mussel, kelp, laver.

Mussel does filar boiling water

How is rice done more nutrition is delicate _ cate the world

How is rice done more nutrition is delicate

2013-11-08 19:27:34

Guide language: How is rice done more is nutrition delicate? Rice is the staple food that we often eat in daily life, also be the food that a lot of people like to eat, but different person cooks the rice that come out with same rice different however flavour, the rice that some people cook is especially aromatic, how can just boil so piece sweeter more nutrient rice, we look together below:

Make rice more delicious of nutrition 4 big ” killer mace “

Add a vinegar: The proportion that increases 1 milliliter vinegar by 500 grams rice is put some feed vinegar, can make rice loose besides still deposit easily, prevent change sour, and boil the rice that come out to do not have acidity for certain, instead fragrance is thicker.

Add an oil: Put one spoon oily agitate to make the rice that come equably, sweet slippery soft glutinous, bead bead is trenchant, and won’t stick boiler absolutely, this action suits not to like to have the person of rice crust very much.

Add a salt: This law is confined to remnant rice to weigh evaporate process. The need when the rice that cannot have eats again weighs evaporate, the rice of new evaporate always has a taste, not as delicious as what boil newly. If salt solution is put when evaporate leftover, can purify rice peculiar smell.

How is rice done more nutrition is delicate

Add bit of catechu: Cook with boiled water, can make beautiful of all of rice color, sweet, nutrition, have go advantage of be bored with, eupeptic. The way is very simple, changed the water that cook into the boiled water with good bubble to go, remember using green tea nevertheless, and tea is not too much, otherwise the tastes the lid crossed rice itself fragrance of tea was just the opposite to what one wished.

Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot the world of cate of _ of hold back make water

Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot hold back make water

2012-02-07 12:51:30

Though present traffic more and more develop, by air, sit of motor-car increasing, but sea Liu Kongsan is planted among traffic means, conventional train and car still occupy move spring to carry ” big head ” , journey also most ” hardships ” . Relative to out-of-the-way and limited space, dense throng, hard pilot provision is safe… a variety of elements generate a lot of healthy hidden danger likely, let a disease ” get a change to step in ” , do not take care to still can bring back them.

"Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot hold back make water

Cannot make water of hold back hold back is easy bring about contract urology disease

Annual because spring it is difficult to be used the toilet in carry process and hold back make water causes the case that has urology disease more general. The space on the train is limited, a lot of people save bit of thing to be on congested train, the choice eats less to be drunk less do not eat to be not drunk even, when thinking a toilet, also be can hold back how long with respect to hold back how long.

But the urology that these practices can give you brings a trouble- – the doctor points out, uric shedding is illogical free person, the occurence rate that uric road influences is more regular person want tower above a lot of, because bladder is long excessive plentiful, can make bladder forces uric flesh is flabby, flesh tension decrescent, form retention of urine, develop plentiful sex urinary incontinence then. To the female character, hold back make water causes bacterial infection more easily, and to prostatitis patient character, hold back make water will make an illness more serious.

"Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot hold back make water

Friendship reminds:

Compensatory and enough moisture and vitamin, not only can answer railroad car inside dry, still can increase body immunity capacity, conduce to prevent constipation. If have uric idea, although the person is squeezed again, the toilet is bothered again on should solve, discharge the toxin inside vacant put oneself in another’s position, litter, be helpful for health.

Mo Jiu sits otherwise blood circulates not free makes the body is damaged

Take a car for long, lower limbs is the easiest ” get hurt ” one of place. Be in sedentary or it is long after the station, the commonnest problem is dropsy of sufficient ministry, leg ministry, call on medicine ” traveler oedema ” .

In addition, return likelihood occurrence thrombus badly. The passenger is long when the station is sedentary, want to often change a posture, although do not have more mobile spaces, also should make ministry of a few legs, sufficient department locally in his ” petty action ” , if have regular land,turn needle of on tiptoe of ankle, stand on tiptoe. Every other is done 1 hour ” petty action ” , usable also hand from go up to undertake lower limbs massage downward, help haemal circumfluence.

"Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot hold back make water

Friendship reminds:

The passenger is long sedentary inactive, territory is too small, meeting influence blood circulates. Haemal circulation suffocate suffocate, make extremely easily thrombus appears inside vein blood-vessel. If thrombus expands to heart or lung, endanger life likely.

The expert suggests the passenger drinks plain boiled water more, when be timely inside railroad car or jockeying, ambulate to the platform. Patient of disease of heart head system is in spring carry or ” the golden week ” during avoid a travel as far as possible. If must go out, want to learn to save oneself. If use medicaments to control blood sugar, blood pressure to lift; Should appear the window should open when giddy and lack of power, heart-throb ventilated breathe freely, to the ask for help of relatives and friends of nearby; Answer to carry emergency treatment drug.

Want to had eaten ham of not smooth face having bubble to add can

In the journey that come home, go to the lavatory for the graph, a lot of people often are the fastfood food that runs into a supermarket to buy one pile to go to the lavatory hurriedly before getting on a car, for instance bubble surface, biscuit, ham, can is waited a moment. These food now and then deal with do not have a problem suddenly, but if your journey time is longer, but absolutely cannot such muddle through one’s work, the rich sex of the food in answering to assure journey as far as possible and balance sex.

The convenient cover that serves as staple food ought to right amount, the food of biscuit and cake and so on ought to eat as soon as possible, lest deteriorate. On the belt in the bag a few milk need calcium to wait with sponsorial body place mineral, besides, fruit and vegetable contain rich moisture content and crude fibre, can satisfy the need of compensatory moisture and dredge bowel path, go out carry very convenient also.

Friendship reminds:

The food that the railway station perhaps buys on the train wants date of recognize brand, birth and manufacturer address, lest buy insalubrious food; The beverage on the train is beautiful with plain boiled water, had better be the boiled water that oneself boil or mineral water; Melon and fruit must abluent, if do not have a condition to clean, the ability after husking is entered feed. Because move on board the quantity is very few, sitting for long, the appetite of each eat wants slightly abstemious, lest increase burden of intestines and stomach, cause unwell.

"Spring carry goes out row cannot sedentary cannot hold back make water

Condition of good intention of mood certain good people leaves ” spring carry is asked for integratedly “

Dismiss endless and as dry as a chip journey time also is spring an important matter of carry, it is very important that healthy Chun Yunxin manages, be like carelessly, suffer from likely still on ” spring carry is asked for integratedly ” . During Chun Yungao peak, buy ticket, crowded car this two large segment cause psychology and mental disease the most easily, main show is acute angst or frighten fit, be nervous, and this kind of mood travels in congested environment very rapid, give a passenger psychology and the effect that the safety that take a car brings gray. The expert says for ” spring carry is asked for integratedly ” .

Railroad car wife is much more crowded, add Morpheus to rest bad, body metabolization is disorder, average person can feel the mood is fretted easily, be worried. In the course that takes a car, can pass with friend card games, chat, read a book, listen to music to disperse oneself attention;

In out-of-the-way railroad car, lead essence of life of a bottle of wind oil, when feeling oppressed or nervous, gently daub is in temporal fall with nose, conduce to restore composed; Train also can be used to arrive in road the clearance of the station ” midway is cheered ” , get off breathing fresh air, do enlarge bosom motion and deep breathing, the full mood on the belt sets foot on journey afresh.

Friendship reminds:

Before getting on a car, should have made enough psychology and physiology preparation. Before getting on a car, a day of attention rests, do not stay up late, do not make oneself too fatigue, lest physical strength overdraws. Long-distance journey had better not carry overmuch money other people, this also is to give this reduce pressure, prevented property damage already, also eased mental tension. The immediateness when feeling dangerous appeals to steward, search settle way. After journey ends, rest more, water more, healthy diet is adscititious and right amount motion, can adjust a mood.

Autumn dry reachs summer heat pass the time in a leisurely way, let the child drink obviously for nothing! _ cate the world

Autumn dry reachs summer heat pass the time in a leisurely way, let the child drink obviously for nothing!

2012-02-07 12:47:58

After the Beginning of Autumn, high temperature weather although as before, but the body position that seasonal replace already was affecting people insensibly, change to the outside especially the children with sensitive and finite resistance. Weather is not stable, ignore cold heat up suddenly easy pose problem of children respiratory tract. Opposite summer is rainy and character, enter autumn to bring about suffer from excessive internal heat because of autumn dry easily still.

Accordingly, the time that in summer heat disappear autumn dry reachs, what attentive mom need to pay close attention to the child closely more is healthy. Common saying says, water of soup soup water prevents autumn dry, it is it is thus clear that in this season, healthy need mom of the child is close ” drink ” protect.

Autumn dry reachs summer heat pass the time in a leisurely way, let the child drink obviously for nothing!

Plain boiled water of Tips1 healthy first selection

Water is the dissolvent with best human body, drink water to be able to settle the body moisture prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that autumn dry causes effectively more. Especially children, children runs everyday run jump, carry momentum is even bigger than general adult, seasonable compensatory moisture needs after a large number of perspiration, otherwise easy get angry, serious still can cause other disease.

What mom need special attention is, the drink such as fruit juice, soya-bean milk cannot replace plain boiled water. Accordingly, should give the child much water plain boiled water, because plain boiled water passes cellular film the most easily, small to body interference, be helpful for metabolism, maintain immune function.

Juice of vegetables of fruit of raw ingredient of Tips2 former juice, compensatory vitamin

As perspiration prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is moisture not just, still have a lot of bodies must the nurture such as the vitamin is qualitative, because this is besides compensatory plain boiled water, even right amount and compensatory vitamin, fresh vegetables and fruits and delicacy extract fruit vegetables juice is right choice. Need is special those who remind is, vitamin of compensatory and fresh vegetables and fruits chooses to answer season vegetables and fruits is better, because answer the nutrient material of season vegetables and fruits is the most high grade, this are attached most importance to especially to growing the children of the body should.

Unripe pear, sugar cane, water chest nut, shaddock, loquat, Bai Luobo, bright lotus root, spinach is right choice. But mom need to notice, the child’s position should note when choosing vegetables and fruits to the child, pear sex is for instance cold cool, and the component that contain sugar is higher, unfavorable edible is so overmuch, right amount can.

Tips3 active lactobacillus, unlock intestines and stomach is digested absorb difficult problem

Enter autumn, the change of air temperature is increased, temperature of day and night differs more, this moment is period of stomach ailment tall hair, especially the child, because of lively good move get particularly easily bacteria enroach on. Intestines and stomach is insalubrious, alimentation became big question, the nurture with again much complement is qualitative also short of effect.

Active lactobacillus is the utility preference that solves problem of intestines and stomach, children is met as the beneficial bacterium inside path of age growth bowel year after year decreases, the complement of active lactobacillus can increase beneficial bacterium amount, maintain alvine path bacterium group evenly, of stimulative nutrition composition digest with absorb. Science considers to make clear, meal hind is drinkable and active lactobacillus drink, can help children effectively digest absorb. The lactobacillus of flavour complete active that 100 milliliter install is a right choice, every 100 milliliter contain a lot of30 billion viable bacteria, meal later a bottle, tipple Chang Xin, help aid digestion.

Soup of Tips4 mom love, make child good body

Mom boils the love boiling water that make with one’s own hands, be the child all the time love most. In compensatory moisture, vitamin, active lactobacillus while, consider the issue with children overall nutrition even. Calcic, adipose wait to also want seasonable complement, nutrition is comprehensive, balanced ability is truly advantageous the child grows.

The lotus root that use delicacy, Bailuo predicts tie-in chop, birds of collocation of tea tree stay of proceedings kind etc boil make delicate beautiful soup, can solve autumn dry problem already, still can give the child compensatory health appropriately growing place requires all sorts of elements.