Milk why cannot refrigerant save _ cate the world

Milk why cannot refrigerant save

2016-11-08 14:19:35

Milk nutrition is digested richly, easily absorb, cheap and fine, edible is convenient, be most ” adjacent and perfect food ” .

Milk will be degenerative below higher air temperature, but freeze milk rise to also can deteriorate. As we have learned, 3 kinds of not congenial water contain in milk: Free water, union water and crystallization water. Its middle reaches is most from water content, it won’t be united in wedlock with other material, have solvent effect only. Combining water is with protein, lactose, salt kind a kind of water that is united in wedlock together, dissolve no longer other material, the for love or money does not happen freeze. The 3rd kind is crystallization water, it is the water that exists together with lactose crystallization body.

When blancmange writtens guarantee, free water freezes first, milk by freeze gradually inside extroversion, the dry matter that including inside has protein, adipose, calcium to wait, dry matter is not frozen, lengthen as freezing time, inside dry matter content is corresponding grow in quantity.

After milk defrost, the protein in the grandma is Yi Chen form sediment, caky and degenerative. Because this milk avoid is freezing,save!

Whether are you eating can explode the world of fat breakfast _ cate

Whether are you eating can explode fat breakfast

2016-11-03 09:25:04

Wrong breakfast has a way or be tie-in, can make you a day be on a diet plan reducing weight wastes. Below small make up take you to see an end together the murderer of the fat germ that what breakfast is us, figure!

Have a way one: “Aftertaste breakfast “

Breakfast content: Leftover dish, or leftover dish fries dish of meal, leftover to boil noodle to wait a moment

Welcome reason: Of many families ” mom ” when can making dinner, do more a few, do to the child and domestic person in the morning the following day fry a meal, perhaps heat up the meal that remain. Such breakfast is made convenient, content is rich, basic with prandial as good as, be thought nutrition is comprehensive normally.

The expert criticizes an aspect: After leftover dish of the previous night, vegetable possibility arises inferior nitric acid (a kind of carcinogen) , eat go in harm of can healthy to human body generation.

Proposal: The vegetable that takes surplus does not take again as far as possible; the rest other edibles cooks breakfast, must have saved, lest deteriorate; The food that takes from freezer should heat fully.

Have a way 2: Fastfood breakfast

Breakfast content: All sorts of Western-style snack

Welcome reason: Western-style snack is like wing of chicken of hamburger, deepfry to wait, it is the dietary preference of fashionable crowd all along. And the breakfast that many snack inn also offer the door now, if hamburger adds coffee or milk, black tea, convenient and quick and taste is good also.

The expert criticizes an aspect: Breakfast of this kind of tall caloric is brought about easily fat, deepfry food is used for a long time also can have a harm to the body. Become with Western-style snack breakfast, lunch and dinner must food of edible low caloric. Additional, this kind of Western-style breakfast is put in the problem of nutrient disequilibrium, quantity of heat is higher, but often lack the nutrition such as vitamin, mineral, cellulose however.

Proposal: Choose Western-style snack to cook breakfast, should wait plus fruit or vegetable soup, in order to maintain nutrition balanced, assure all sorts of nutriment absorb. Additional had better not long-term edible.

Have a way 3: Traditional gust breakfast

Breakfast content: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks, soya-bean milk

Welcome reason: A lot of people are be in as a child of grandfather grandma guide below, was used to what eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks to add soya-bean milk in the morning, not only this kind is used to to have a way on taste, and also have on feeling old ” the saving ” .

The expert criticizes an aspect: Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is food of high temperature deepfry, wait to have the problem of grease on the high side euqally with dumpling of sesame seed cake, decoct. After food passes high temperature deepfry, nutriment can be destroyed, still can produce carcinogenic substance; And the quantity of heat of deep-fried twisted dough sticks is higher also, grease is indigestible also, food of sex of the fat in also be being belonged to plus soya-bean milk, the grease amount that this kind of breakfast sets exceeds bid apparently, unfavorable and long-term use.

Proposal: Breakfast must have vegetable or fruit, soya-bean milk adds deep-fried twisted dough sticks had better eat a law little, should not be one week more than one times, and the midday that day, dinner must as far as possible delicate, do not eat scamper, decoct, fried food again, much complement is vegetable.

Straw mushroom explodes fry more the world of nutrient _ cate

Straw mushroom explodes fry more nutrition

2016-10-10 10:58:28

In all dawdle, the vitamin C content of straw mushroom is highest, can promote metabolism, enhance immune power. Additional, it still has alexipharmic effect, can be united in wedlock with the heavy metal such as the lead that enters human body, arsenic, along with pee eduction.


Green pepper fries straw mushroom

Choose straw mushroom to want to see two sides. On color, straw mushroom has Brown with white two kinds, no matter be which kinds, the surface cannot be sent yellow; On configuration, with body of gyroidal, horniness, stay of proceedings complete, do not open an umbrella, do not have mildew and rot, crack-free for beautiful.
Straw mushroom had better explode fry, time is even a few shorter, in order to reduce the loss of vitamin C. Before entering boiler, can delimit on pileus of preexistence straw mushroom a crisscross blade, easier tasty.

14 kinds of food are pulled low the world of your cate of cholesterol index _

14 kinds of food are pulled low your cholesterol index

2015-05-09 00:28:07

Guide language: Dietary disorder, the preference is fat heavy taste food, food not the rule, eat and drink too much. . . The dietary habit of contemporary person disorder can bring about the cholesterol in blood to rise sharply, produce very great harm to the body. The food that gives oneself comes a major key is whole, can fall the cholesterol of tall house, weight inviting a body picks up health.

Cholesterol is a kind of fat pledges, it is everybody is indispensable, main effect has in the synthesis of the component in cellular film and hormone especially. Nevertheless, if the cholesterol content in blood is exorbitant, can cause very great harm to human body, the risk that meet with contracts the cardiovascular disease, disease such as kidney failure, osteoporosis also can increase greatly.

Modern is intemperate not dietary habit of the rule is the main reason that brings about cholesterol. Next, athletic inadequacy, body metabolizes to wait slow also is the cause that causes cholesterol on the high side. Below these 14 kinds of food, the cholesterol content that can help you do not leave tall room falls.


Oaten in the material that basically destroys cholesterol, be called ” β – get together dextrose ” , it is fiber of a kind of dissolubility, the production of can cloggy cholesterol and absorb. Consider to discover, want to eat 2/3 cups of dry oatmeal only everyday, can reduce cholesterol 16% .


When wanting to eat the meat, suggest you have a fish. From the point of a lot of respects, the OMEGA-3 fatty acid in the fish is opposite heart

Preserve one’s health of the Beginning of Winter notices _ cate the world a few times

Preserve one’s health of the Beginning of Winter notices a few times

2013-11-08 18:46:35

The footstep in the winter is closer and closer, air temperature drops gradually, what does preserve one’s health eat, what should notice before solar term of the Beginning of Winter comes?

Frost’s descent is the last solar term of the autumn, the Beginning of Winter is later, in last paragraphs of time before entering a winter, must comply with ” Bu Dong falls as Bu Shuang ” folk is consuetudinary, capture an opportunity to fill well. Because weather is becoming cold gradually, into after filling, also won’t appear commonly inside the symptom of hot get angry, because this feeds the choice of material to also be abounded quite, all sorts of fungus of fish, lean lean, dawdle, in season vegetable fruits, be current take a tonic to build up health is good feed capable person.

What should preserve one's health of the Beginning of Winter notice

Turn abruptly as a result of weather cold, it is the period of time that disease of heart head blood-vessel breaks out particularly easily, ought to notice especially toward the old people that has coronary heart disease, angina and apoplectic hemiplegy medical history already, in case have a recurrence of an old illness. In addition, often still encounter senile sex to the patient with chronic waist painful leg becomes cold as a result of weather and accentuate on outpatient service recently, especially knee joint retreats a sex of osteoarthritis come on, change with weather closely related, in reminding so, senile friends notice the conserve of the waist and knee joint even, undertake physical training appropriately at the same time.

What should preserve one's health of the Beginning of Winter notice

To answer the acuteness change of climate, friends must prevent cold heat preservation, want to notice the head and abdomen do not suffer chill to invade especially. The time that gets up in the morning should reach Chu Qiulue than summer a few later, in order to avoid deep autumn algidity invades human body. Notice on food right amount, avoid eats and drink too much reach excessive drinking, avoid eats food of raw or cold food.

Science drinks soya-bean milk to protect you the world of cate of more healthy _

Science drinks soya-bean milk to protect you more healthy

2012-02-07 12:30:10

Soya-bean milk, it is the traditional cate of our country, because its nutrition is rich,make the drink with urbanite necessary breakfast, old little Xian Yi. However, only science goes to sanitarian effect since ability of drinkable soya-bean milk, how to ability takes its advantage and avoid its inferior position, and view the proposal below!

Soya-bean milk has what profit to health

"Science drinks soya-bean milk to protect you more healthy

● can improve the health. Soya-bean milk of every 100 grams contains protein 45 grams, adipose 18 grams, carbohydrate 15 grams, phosphor 45 grams, iron is 25 grams, calcic 25 grams and vitamin, riboflavin, have profit greatly to enhancing a constitution.

● prevents diabetic. Soya-bean milk contains a large number of cellulose, the can effective excess that prevents candy is absorbed, reduce candy cent, can prevent consequently diabetic, it is a diabetic daily indispensable good food.

● prevention and cure is hypertensive. The fabaceous sterol that contains in soya-bean milk and Potassium, magnesian, it is material of effective the natrium that fight salt. Sodium is one of main source of hypertension happening and recrudesce, if body internal energy controls the amount of sodium appropriately, can prevent hypertension already, can treat hypertension again.

Coronary heart disease of ● prevention and cure. The fabaceous sterol that contains in soya-bean milk and Potassium, magnesian, calcium can strengthen the excitement of scheming blood-vessel, improve scheming nutrition, reduce cholesterol, stimulative blood stream prevents hemal convulsion. If can insist to drink a bowl of soya-bean milk everyday, the recrudescent rate of coronary heart disease can be reduced 50% .

● prevents a head apoplectic. The magnesium that contains in soya-bean milk, calcic element, can apparent ground reduces cerebral blood fat, improve cerebral blood stream, prevent the happening of cerebral block, cerebral hemorrhage effectively thereby. The lecithin that contains in soya-bean milk, still can reduce cerebral cell death, improve cerebral function.

Cancer of ● prevention and cure. The protein in soya-bean milk and Selenium, molybdenum have very strong curb cancer and the ability that treat cancer, have specially good effect to cancer of cancer of the stomach, bowel, breast cancer particularly.

● prevents bronchitic. The wheat ammonia acid that soya-bean milk place contains can rise to prevent the action of convulsion of bronchitic flowing flesh, decrease thereby and reduce bronchitic show effect.

● prevents consenescence. E of the Selenium that contains in soya-bean milk, vitamin, C, have very big fight oxidation function, can make the cell of human body ” rejuvenescent ” , particularly right cerebral cell effect is the biggest.

● prevents old age gawkish, constipation, fat.

The balance food of our country tradition watchs _ cate the world

The balance food of our country tradition is watched

2012-02-07 12:20:55
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Cate China accredit achieves rich objective formerly
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In world food on science history, what put forward the earliest to balance dietary point of view is China. Into the book at the ancient codes and records of 2400 many doctor of traditional Chinese medicine year ago ” element of · of the classics inside Huang Di asks ” , already had ” food crops is raise, 5 fruit are aid, 5 cultivate are beneficial, 5 dish are fill… ” account. Afore-mentioned content that balance food are ancient and not old, have scientific reason greatly, develop in science today, still be worth to advocate.

The balance food of our country tradition is watched

One, food crops is raise

“Food crops is raise ” it is to point to serve as the staple food that fosters human body with cereal and the legume such as millet, kaoliang, beans, wheat, paddy. The corn such as millet, kaoliang, wheat, paddy contains starch most, protein take second place, of supply airframe basically is candy, and legume contains protein much, adipose take second place, of supply airframe basically is protein. Although corn and legume contain plant sex protein, but nutrient value is not identical, the amino acid that corn protein lacks is lysine almost; The amino acid that legume protein lacks is egg ammonia acid. Both is mixed feed, mutual compensation, increase nutrient value thereby. The food of our country people is used to the main source that serves as heat energy with carbohydrate, and human growth of development and oneself repair protein of main support. Reason food crops is raising is to accord with contemporary dietetics viewpoint.

2, 5 fruit are aid

“5 fruit are aid ” the department points to a jujube, plum, fruit and the nut such as apricot, chestnut, peach, conduce raises gymnastical merit. Fruit category contains rich inorganic salt and vitamin, with vegetable likeness; But vegetable wants boil to boil, the vitamin often is destroyed, fruit criterion need not boil is boiled, can be born feed, what contain a vitamin not to incur a loss. Some fruits are like the edible after the meal, still can help aid digestion, reason 5 fruit are the indispensable supplementary food in balancing food.

Little have a meal to take course more the world of cate of adverse and healthy _

Little have a meal to take course more adverse health

2012-02-07 12:17:31

InA lot of people often hear to say so on table: “Little have a meal, take course more, meal nonnutritively, nutrition is in dish. ” the woman that more a few pay close attention to him figure overly, act according to this one for what reduce weight ” axiom ” . Come up from the surface see this appear very reasonable, however, from the point of the angle of scientific nutrition, if such for a long time going down, right healthy extremely adverse.

Little have a meal to take course more adverse health

The bases of rice and cooked wheaten food is carbohydrate, it is already the nutrition of quantity of heat that economy can change directly again. Nation of our an ancient name for China from ancient it is a rice and cooked wheaten food serve as necessary food all the time up to now, the dietary physiology habit of a nation and alimentation rule, not be 9 acting people can come over its change easily, it needs the process that the life of all ages on experience evolves into to be formed thereby.

For the corporeal composition from human body, human body and the organ that go up personally 99% comprise by water, carbohydrate is our body place those who need is main ” fundamental raw material ” . Change learned point of view from disappear again for, in reasonable food, of the total heat energy that place of a day of person needs 50% to 60% come from at carbohydrate. Rice is the same as the photograph of big fish big meat in dish to compare, want to be digested easily more, the meal also is having the indispensible sex with other nutrition not replaceable composition. Staple food has the feature with weak flavour commonly, it is the delicate aroma of rice essence besides. Why we eat rice to eat not tire of all one’s life, however does big fish big meat eat on 3 days to be about continuously spoil one’s appetite? Because heavy, color weighs flavour of big fish big meat,this is, and heavy oil, eat much, intestines and stomach can produce huge allergy and stimulation. Person overmuch or excessive ground absorbs rich cooked food, can create huge burden to intestines and stomach.

Eat for a long time contain high protein, tall adipose, low fibrous dish, right healthy extremely adverse. Some people think, eating vegetable more is not evildoing, but vegetable is ” eat ” oily, a lot of vegetable are fried with overmuch cooking oil, some dish are like bubble in oil. Such eating go down, get disease of hypertensive, heart and vessels and fat disease easily.

Dietetics home is deprecatory also absolutely ” have a meal, take course less ” viewpoint. Advocate staple food and non-staple food science to match reasonably, rice, vegetable, meat dishes and fruit, of course staple food should hold absolutely proportion, in addition, see the growth with located everybody even level. Adolescent is growing the body and skeletal phase, vivid momentum is big also, advocate, scale of non-staple food collocation is to have its age characteristic; But, old people advocate, the scale with tie-in non-staple food is different from adolescent.

Now, the patient of disease of intestines and stomach increases somewhat than in the past, especially teenage sicken rate trend is changed at low age, this follows a lot of only sons female be bestowed favor on in the home blind ” eat foolishly ” .

The 4 old habits that use oil endanger the world of healthy _ cate

The 4 old habits that use oil endanger health

2012-02-07 12:10:31

Habit 1: High temperature oil stir-fries

When a lot of people stir-fry, be used to when the oil in boiler is fumy just stir-fry, this kind of practice is unscientific. High temperature is oily not only can destroy alimental nutrition part, still can arise a few cross oxide and carcinogen. The proposal burns boiler first hot, pour oil again, can stir-fry at this moment, need not when oily fume.

Habit 2: Do not have animal oil

Emphasize having vegetable oil only blindly, do not have animal oil, be no good. Below regular dose, the animal is oily (saturated fatty acid) it is beneficial to human body.

Habit 3: Have the oil of onefold breed for a long time only

Now, average household is accomplished very hard fry what dish to use what oil, but still had better have edible of a few kinds of oily alternant collocation, such ability can have nutrition more.

Habit 4: The crowd with the crowd with hematic abnormal fat or abnormal weight, the quantity that use oil does not add distinction

The crowd of fat and the confluence with unusual fat of old people, blood, fat crowd, relevant disease perhaps has the multitude of fat family history, should maintain his with oily quantity everyday in 20 grams. The person with hematic fat, normal weight should maintain with oily quantity control in 25 grams.

4 kinds of people are unfavorable take the world of earthnut _ cate more

4 kinds of people are unfavorable eat earthnut more

2012-02-07 12:06:43

BeautifulFood of unripe nutrient value ratio is fast, but with egg, milk, flesh kind rival. The adipose content of earthnut is soja 2 times much, what contain protein to be absorbed extremely easily by human body. Have distinctive profit to old people and brainworker, also get consequently ” peanut ” good name.

Of earthnut have a way a lot of, if eat raw, thoroughly cook, explode fry, deepfry, but explode fry, deepfry raises composition to destroy to the vitamin P that contains a lot ofin earthnut and other camp very big, and the sex that makes earthnut pleasant smooth turns into hot and dry sex, after feeding get angry of extremely easy heat build-up.

The water earthnut that boil is the most scientific edible method, because, the water earthnut that boil is not lukewarm not fire, digest easily, sexual flavour is gentle, still reserved substance of active of plant of some of earthnut Central Plains, wait like alcohol of glucoside of horn of plant sterol, black, white black false bellebore, disease of hidebound to preventing and cure, diabetic, heart and vessels has distinct effect.

But 4 kinds of people should not be much eat earthnut.

The first kind is lienal weak jalf congealed person, because abundant oil is contained in earthnut, have effect of delay have diarrhoea. After the earthnut of lienal weak edible such as enteritis, dysenteric, indigestion, can aggravating diarrhoea, go against a disease to restore.

The 2nd kind is tall lipemia patient, because be contained in earthnut adipose taller, after edible of tall lipemia patient, what can make blood medium is adipose and elevatory, and hematic fat is elevatory, often be arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease one of main factors that wait.

The 3rd kind is to drop dozen of Yu swollen patient, because gene of cruor of a kind of hurried is contained in earthnut, sluggish of Yu of arteries and veins of injuries from falls, blood person feed peanut overmuch, meeting occurrence blood does not come loose, aggravating Yu is swollen.

The 4th kind is the patient of cystic excision, because some adipose need bile are contained to help in earthnut,digest, after cystic excision, biliary cannot keep in storage, can increase liver to secrete biliary burden, time grew, will injure hepatic function directly.